Paint Along & HCA Recruiters Paint Community Tree

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Paint Along & HCA

When Paint Along got the call from Portia, the trainer forIMG_1324 HCA’s recruiters, we were so excited to hear about what she wanted to do for her teams…

Three consecutive groups were coming to Nashville for their training sessions at the Marriott Airport and Paint Along was called to come up with a creative and interactive team building activity. There were a few things that had to happen…entertainment, engagement, laughter and work together.

The solution waIMG_1446s created by artist Linda Rhea at Paint Along as she created three unique multiple canvas, various sized canvases that fit together like a puzzle and formed “The Community Tree”.

Because there were three different sessions and a different number of participants in each session the final paintings had to be unique to each group.


IMG_1461Everyone that participated was given a background color and technique that was the foundation of the large work.

Then the tree was painted and each individual was then able to add their own flair to the painting. Some created patterns with dots while others wanted to place their initials beside those of their significant other into the tree.

IMG_1445Some added stars and planets to the sky and we had some very creative types who got busy and planted a garden of flowers.

We even saw a formation of geese flying through the sky and some bumble bees!

Great fun and lots of creative ideas filled the evening.


IMG_1324Thanks to all this who attended from HCA and especially to

Portia for allowing Paint Along to be a part of this wonderful

team building experience.



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